If we assume that the surface of the picture is NOTHINGNESS, then NOTHINGNESS gives a place to the smallest particles of any thinkable and intuitive imagination of the NEW. In my paintings I try to stimulate human perception so that humans discover the limits of thinking and intuition. If we stimulate our intuition we might have a chance to get used to not instantly conceivable pictures.

In multidimensionality our traditional notion of a closed space is shaken. Instead of spacetime perception we are now confronted with a new form of perception, which I call the cosmoreal perception.

COSMOS means "order" (greek)
REAL means "thing" (latin)

While looking at my paintings the brain is challenged with the never ending situation of trying to bring THINGS in ORDER. From various elements a situation is created in my paintings which appears to be non-coherent and is processed by the individuals either as a memory or as the NEW.

Through the development of cosmoreal perception the unconceivable has to be arranged in a new way in the observerīs head.